Get to know us

Hazel Media had its beginnings in Hyderabad,we've expanded our reach to serve clients far and wide, offering comprehensive advertising solutions that cater to every aspect of their marketing requirements. Our journey from Hyderabad reflects our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing top-tier advertising services to businesses and brands across the globe.

Our mission

We're on a mission of innovation and client success drives us to continually push boundaries and create memorable brand experiences. We envision a future where brands flourish, and connections thrive in the ever-changing world of media and marketing.

Our vision

Our vision is to redefine the digital landscape by delivering cutting-edge marketing and advertising solutions that inspire growth and transformation. We aim to be a trusted partner for businesses, helping them navigate the evolving digital ecosystem with strategic clarity and creativity.

Our team

Our strength lies in our individuality. Comprising marketing strategists, content creators, design visionaries, and digital experts, our team is united by a shared passion for delivering outstanding results.

Sachin T.E

Founder / Film maker

Dr. Deepti Raj